The launch of Instant Previews promises to reward well designed websites

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SEO is purely a textually based technique. Google’s crawlers have no time for pictures or video’s and instead only respect the text that a website has to offer. This had lead many webmasters to abandon the design developments of their site and instead only focus on the textual content of their pages.
The system is criticised for its supposedly “unethical” approach to search. It is argued that it is misleading to searchers to list the textually strong websites above the visually strong ones. In many industries this will not yield the searcher the most helpful or useful set of results.
The winds of change
Google have introduced a new piece of technology that promises to solve this very problem. Focusing on the visual aspect of search, the feature has truly enhanced the importance of conversion optimisation. It is called “Instant Previews”.
The technology allows searchers to have a sneak preview of their results before they click them in the form of a full page snapshot. Searchers no longer have to leave Google to see whether the site is what they were looking for – essentially obliterating the irritating ‘pogo stick’ action that so many searchers now have to endure. The majority of searchers can instantly tell whether a website is what they were looking for and thus a preview can save them a lot of time. The feature seems to work in perfect harmony with Google Instant.
The page preview is shown on the right hand side of the page when the searcher highlights the small magnifying glass (found at the top right of the result). But the system boasts more than just a visual preview. Relevant text, phrases and headlines can also be shown on the preview. In their original context, any text that is deemed relevant to the searchers query will be highlighted alongside the visual preview.
The potential impacts on SEO
Any good SEO’er knows that without the consideration of conversion optimisation an SEO strategy will fail before it’s even begun. Increased website traffic is important, but it is useless if the traffic is not converted into sales. Google’s Instant Previews will further enhance the importance of conversion optimisation as searchers begin to judge how visually attractive and convincing they deem a webpage to be. Webmasters will now need to seriously consider how they are presenting their website to potential consumers – they can no longer rely purely on their sites textual value.
Here at the SEOtrafficlab we fully understand the importance of conversion optimisation and have incorporated its key elements into our SEO services. We take pride in offering our clients a service that yields them real results in the real world.
Our packages have been carefully developed to ensure an effective balance of SEO with conversion optimisation.
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