Local SEO and Social Media have appeared to have made their stand in comScore’s fourth study

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ComScore’s fourth annual “Local Search Usage Study” has revealed some interesting statistics for Local SEO after its release last week. The study documents and compares everything from local SEO to traditional media offering online marketers the clearest insight possible into the modern progression of advertising. The report was very large in its size and contained a level of detail that I can’t fit into one article. However for your convenience I have listed the key highlights of the research below:
Local businesses are more often found through online search: Local SEO has gone from strength to strength in recent years and now it has become the most popular way to find local consumers.
Search engines are still the most popular but they lack the growth of their competition:  Social Media in particular has grown exponentially in market strength.
Local search boasts a higher conversion rate: Research has shown that if you advertise with Local SEO your traffic will offer you more ‘post-search’ activity – essentially meaning you’ll get more sales per hit!
Printed Media has become over-shadowed by the digital age: Magazines, newspapers and tabloids still have their place in the marketing world but they have now become a secondary channel. The digital era has begun!
From those results you may think that both Social Media and Local SEO have drowned out the existence of printed media – but that would be a false assumption to make. Printed Media has found a new home for itself in the role of secondary marketing – 44 percent of people will consult a printed directory after using a search engine. It looks like printed media has survived through leeching off its competition.
Facebook is still leading the way in terms of the Social Media league. The majority of people visit the website several times a day offering its adverts a ton of coverage. But the quality of traffic does not match that of PPC advertising as the people on Facebook don’t go on armed with the idea of buying. Still, 29% of people visit a social networking site every day, with only 12% of people visiting a search engine – could social networking begin to defy Google’s dominance?
Here at the SEOtrafficlab we are constantly refining our SEO Plans to meet the developments in modern marketing. We appreciate the recent strength of Local SEO and advise our clients to utilise it as much as possible. Our expert team have also considered the rise of Social Media and have created packages designed to take advantage of this modern phenomenon.
No matter the size of your company or the magnitude of results you wish to attain, we can offer you a bespoke SEO package that will enhance the success of your business.  
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