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Without a solid marketing strategy your business will never be able to survive in today’s competitive financial world. With the digital age taking over the globe, an efficient use of both Social Media and SEO is necessary to enhance the awareness of your brand.  Despite the incredible results these methods can achieve, an investment into their services can never guarantee a correlated increase in traffic to your website compared to the amount you initially invested. With the recession still very much amongst us, you need a marketing strategy that only charges per result.
Payperclick advertising is that marketing strategy – it involves the sponsoring of ads placed near the top of search engine results. When somebody clicks on your ad you pay for that click, and thus only have to invest your money into the results you are looking for, as and when they happen. Here at the SEOtrafficlab our staff have the skills required to embed a professional PPC campaign into the heart of your company. The benefits and drawbacks of this type of campaign can be seen below.

The benefits of a PPC campaign

Money well spent – Unlike other marketing strategies, PPC advertising only costs as much as it delivers. If your ad fails to accumulate the clicks you had hoped you won’t have to pay for that failure. Your investment will always meet the magnitude of results, making PPC an incredibly cost effective marketing solution.
Tracked traffic results – PPC advertising offers the revolutionary ability to track the type of traffic you are attaining, where they are from, and most importantly the conversion rate of site visitors to sales. With this data our expert team can make modifications to your PPC campaign to ensure optimum conversion rates.

The potential drawbacks of a PPC strategy

Competitive Bidding – It has been proven that website user’s are more likely to click links on certain places of a webpage. With this in consideration, the search engines host bidding war’s for these prime place’s meaning you may potentially have to make a significant investment before you see any results at all.
Novelty Clicks – As with all advertising methods there is no way to guarantee a sale from a potential consumer. There is a chance that search users will click your ad out of blind curiosity, rather than because they are genuinely interested in what you have to sell. These wasted clicks can cost you a lot of money.
Here at the SEOtrafficlab we know PPC through and through, and have the knowledge required to ensure its benefits are emphasised, and its drawbacks are made irrelevant. Through the use of thorough health checks and key word analysis, our team can tailor a PPC campaign for your company that will purely define efficiency.
Get a Quote from us today and attain a marketing strategy that pride’s itself on charging the right price.
Isn’t time you considered rescuing your brand from the grip of the recession? Payperclick advertising – the effective way to market your brand.

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