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Misinformation can be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in order to avoid Digital Marketing failure, too much information, irrelevant information and unproven information can be deadly !
For ecommerce business owners and marketing managers alike knowing where to gain the relevant knowledge, news and intelligence can be a battle in itself, let alone knowing which methodology to add to the marketing strategy.
Here are SEO Traffic Lab we aim to decipher the noise around digital marketing, giving you only the necessary information to action within your business. By attending our Webinars you will be privy to techniques that are actually working right now within “The Lab”, with actual clients. The aim of our Webinar is to stay away from theory and give you a taste into what is working within SEO and Digital Marketing NOW, and relevant to your business.
Our newly launched Webinars will begin on Tuesday 20th May, kicking off with with Digital Marketing Manager Matt Williamson focusing on SEO Strategy: [Is your current SEO Strategy Working ?], you can expect to learn and action the following:

  • Live case studies of clients sites using a series of simple “tweaks” to increase traffic almost immediately.
  • You’ll discover how to finally ensure your targeting all the right people, no matter what device they are using and Matt will share live case studies from “The Lab”.
  • Does Social Media really effect your seo rankings and traffic ? There is so much misinformation on this topic, Matt will show you the FACTS !
  • Content content content, content is KING.. are you fed up of hearing the same old drivel about how important content is when it come to SEO. Matt will tell you why Content is NOT king.
  • Short on time with implementing a content strategy? You’ll discover an easy and effective way to generate the RIGHT type of content that Google is looking for.
  • You’ll discover the smaller the number when it comes to certain stats, can lead to the some of the biggest wins in rankings.

All Webinars will last around 40 minutes, starting off with a 30 minute presentation then finishing with a Q & A session, please bring your burning questions.
Click the link below to get full details of our next Webinar:
[Is your current SEO Strategy Working ?]

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