Social Media again elevates with the growth of Smart Phones

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When it comes to Social Media the majority of online marketers appreciate its power, but never master the harnessing of its capabilities. The industry really has gone from strength to strength in recent years with one in 12 of the world’s population reportedly using its technology on at least a weekly basis. Hopefully you have already recognised this market potential but if you are still unconvinced, there’s yet another reason for you to give it a chance.
With a drastic increase in the usage of Smart Phones (mobiles with full internet access) the advertising market has found a new surface for sales. Now, people are able to go online (and thus be exposed to adverts) wherever they go. But what has social media got to do with this?
1)      The majority of smart phone users are aged between 13 and 24. These users don’t need to check the economy or business world when they use their phone’s internet – they are trying to keep to-date socially.
2)      These new smart phones have been adapted, sponsored and developed to meet the demands of social networking sites. There are specific mobile applications that are perfect for on the go social networking – thus turning mobile internet into mobile social networking.
Out of 234 million Americans with mobile phones 79 million of them use mobile web browsers. I’m sure that now you can appreciate the importance of Social Media and Mobile. Here at the SEOTrafficLab we have taken great measures to adapt our Social Media Management Packages to suit the needs of this new mobile world. Unlike many other SEO companies, we offer bespoke SEO packages that see your brand for what it is – unique. We take everything into consideration from your budget to your industry to make sure that you reach the results you want.
One of our proudest developments is the integration of ‘YouTube CPC’ into our Social Media packages. We have recognised the significant gap in the advertising market where many industries have not taken advantage of the video sharing websites ‘promoted video’ system. A generic search for say ‘skateboarding’ is still yet to bring up any skateboard related manufacturers or companies. This shows the amount of potential that companies are missing out on – we have capitalised on this wasted potential so that you don’t have too.
Our goal as a company is to provide our clients with a modern SEO solution that yields them their dream results. With years of experience behind them our team are only too aware of how fragile the industry can be and so they are completely adaptable to the markets modern twists – including that of mobile internet. Get a quote from us today and join an SEO company who offer results and not just false promises.
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