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At the recent Autumn Fair (NEC Birmingham) we caught up with Zak Edwards to discuss why he thinks Prezzy Box achieves so much traction over social media. We asked him a few questions and we also attended his live seminar at the event on the subject. Stay tuned for the interview further down. Here are some of Zak’s top tips from a really engaging and super polished presentation.
He brought up six basic ‘to dos’ when posting on any platform. So here are some examples of best practice within those areas:

        1. Have Personality

Show them your human side! People do not want to read sales speak, robotic posts or automated messages. They want personality, quirky snippets, and a little of the informal mingled with the formal.    

        1. Interact (well)

Events are great opportunities to reach out to people but you can do this throughout the year with the right content. If you reach out to people in attendance you do not even have to be at the event in question either!      

        1. Be on topic/trend

#iphone6plus was trending this week – unsurprisingly!     

        1. Be timely

Zak used the #ALSIceBucketChallenge as a great example of something you had to do when it was trending on social media, not after the event.  

  1. Have fun


You have got to be able to laugh at yourself now and again and give people some interesting and fun content.

  1. Monitor/Analyse

There is little point in investing time and effort into your social media strategy if you are not going to monitor the results. Use the platforms analytics to measure exactly what themes trend well, what style of post gets retweeted/liked/shared/commented on most and what attempts at outreach B2B and B2C worked for you.

Get them hooked

Something that Prezzybox do particularly well to really promote their brand and product is giveaways. Doing all of the above will get you great coverage and gradually build your following but to really grip and engage that audience you need a few hooks. For Prezzybox one of those hooks is #WinWednesday:

This is a great way to promote a product without selling. Zak emphasised the fact that social media is not a selling platform. We often have to reiterate this message to people new to social media and one of the questions that came up during the presentation was ‘You say don’t sell but that’s what it is all about isn’t it – I mean we want to sell our product, that’s what it’s for?’
Zak quickly fielded this, saying:

‘I 100% disagree. Social media is there to make your audience feel part of your company and encourage engagement. It is not going to sell your products, that is not what it is about. You are building trust and engagement with your brand – building awareness’.

We would add that this ultimately will lead to more people interacting with your brand and potentially more traffic to your site in the long run. But, it is a drip feed approach and there will not be any instant results. Social media is all about being ‘social’. If you walked into a town or city centre and took the time to chat to people and walked away with a few solid contacts you would not expect them to suddenly rush and buy from you. However, if they are then sent a newsletter, see a flyer, attend an event you are speaking at, or see a digital advert, then they will have already warmed to you and will be a little more receptive to your message.

Interview with Zak

Zak was kind enough to answer three questions for us to give us a better sense of the direction Prezzybox is going in, what his thoughts were on SEO and what Prezzybox’s core digital strength is. Huge thanks to Zak for answering the following:

  1. What would you say the value of SEO is within the modern digital landscape?

Still hugely important! With the exception of huge brands, most websites still get most of their traffic through Google and therefore have to do everything they can to ensure, that their keywords, appear as high up the SERP’s as possible.

  1. Instagram of Twitter vine – or both?

Both obvs!

(In his presentation Zak stressed the importance of video as a key tool to encourage engagement online – the 6 second format of Twitter Vine coupled with the 15 second format of Instagram provide very different video experiences and are a great way to get your employees involved in some creative magic!)

  1. Biggest digital marketing strength of Prezzybox? Would you say it was social media?

No, I don’t think so – although we are OK at Social (but there’s still room for improvement!) I’d still say SEO is our strongest discipline if I’m honest. We tend to rank fairly well on the natural listings for lots of ‘meaty’ keywords which then transcends into sales which is what ultimately we’re about. Social is great and has its place, but for me, it’s more about creating and reinforcing the brand voice and engaging with customers as opposed to a tool to generate sales.


Top Takeaways

Zak gave us two top takeaway tips that we found useful and didn’t already know. That is the great thing about seminars/presentations at events – you will always learn something no matter how submerged in the subject matter you feel you already are.
Top tip 1 – Take a look at some great content out there. What we found useful here is that he named #innocent as a brand that is really nailing their social media. They are a company owned by Coca Cola so as you can imagine their content is polished and of a good quality. It is also well financed, but the best thing about social media is that with a sprinkle of creativity you can create some memorable posts. So check out #innocent.
Top tip 2 – Use Followerwonk (A Moz ap) to search for people on twitter and then slice any user followers into clear segments that show you their most influential, dormant and old connections. It is a great way of finding active tweeters, local companies, local competition so you can see what they are up to, and people of interest to you in your sector and in other sectors.
Hopefully, you will have plenty to go away and experiment with now. Social is still as important as ever but in the words of Prezzybox’s Zak Edwards SEO is ‘still hugely important’. Thanks Zak we couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

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