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SEO UK & Social SearchIt is very important when thinking up new content how users will manage to stumble across your pages among the millions of other sites on the web.  With this useful information you are able to target your audience more precisely and increase the chances of giving the browser what they are looking for.  Not all users are after the same thing even if they are in the same demographic.  Therefore it is helpful to include something for everyone, and researching the latest search trends can help you focus your SEO campaigns more effectively.

 Study Releases Discovery Information

Outbrain have released their latest study results which have shown how users are using the Internet to navigate through the tonnes of readily available information.  In their study they reviewed the traffic activity of 100 million different sessions which were carried out over 100 premium publishers on the web.  They were looking out for information on how the users were finding the information they requires, and how they respond to the content that they find.

The results showed that search engines still rule when it comes to finding information with 41% of the share.  Social media’s share has grown but only holds 11% of the share, while the rest is split between content sites with 31% and portals at 17%.  Perhaps more interesting is the way in which the users then respond to the pages that they land on.

Social Media Trends

The study revealed that the traffic which is sourced through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has the highest bounce rate.  This means that the visitors do not spend time on the site and are very unlikely to scouring through the other pages.  So when thinking about your SEO campaigns it is worth making sure that the page you link to via Twitter and similar sites must instantly gratify the visitor.

Other useful information that the study revealed was that out of the social media sites Facebook was the one who had the largest diversity of audience.  This could be down to the fact that Facebook outnumbers Twitter when it comes to active accounts.  Facebook is known for having 500 million active account holders compared to Twitters 200 Million, of which it is estimated that only 20% of these are considered to be active.

SEO and Social Media Management

There is no doubt that SEO campaigns should all be targeting the social media sites in order to achieve ranking boosts.  The users may not stay on the site for long but they are still arriving, and if you make sure the page satisfies the user quickly there is plenty to be gained.  Bing and Google are both taking social media responses into account with their algorithms so never ignore the value that social media add.  Bing in particular is very open about their use of Facebook likes when calculating ranks and retweets are considered to be very weighty for search engine result pages.

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