Website owners worldwide scratch their heads over Google’s latest bug

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When we update our blogs and submit fresh content we greatly appreciate the speed of Google’s indexing. Our material is crawled and then instantly registered ready for appearing on search queries. It’s a useful innovation – allowing us to reach our readers and consumers with lightning speed. This last week, however, has seen Google fail to offer us this swift service.
The online giant landed itself on yet another technical issue last Friday when they received a mass of complaints regarding indexing problems. Users have reported that their content has failed to have been indexed after a 6 hour time period. For news websites especially the bug has had some serious consequences. The latest headlines and break throughs, despite being crawled, are not being instantly indexed.
The bug is even more disappointing if we consider the introduction of ‘Google Caffeine’ last summer. The system promised significantly faster indexing than their rivals. Google’s Matt Cutts explained at the time that it would allow “content” to be viewed “seconds after it’s crawled”. Well that is definitely not the case at the moment. Websites of all sizes are enduring painstakingly slow indexing times – that’s if their content is getting indexed at all! Users of Google’s BlogSpot system have come off worst.
So what does this mean for SEO?
Here at the SEOtrafficlab we work around the clock to keep our packages up-to-date. This temporary lapse in index speed may lead to a sharp decrease in blog hits. Through this period we will be offering our clients extra support with their blogs and articles to make sure they are as ‘SEO friendly’ as they can be. We also appreciate the effect that the bug may have on Local SEO (a type of marketing that already enjoys a slower indexing rate) and will thus try to increase the speed in which these services are offered.
However there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. The bug is being treated as a top priority and it should be sorted out in a couple of days. Google has encouraged users to “not make any changes” and to be patient with their content. The issue “is not related to” their “algorithms” and so the way you treat SEO shouldn’t change. As an SEO company it is refreshing to see Google acknowledging and dealing with the problem as quickly and efficiently as they have done.
Our packages and services will not be hindered by this temporary glitch. With years of experience behind them, our team will have no problem in responding to Google’s latest lapse in service.
If anything they relish the challenge that it brings as they strive to offer the most up-to-date SEO service in the country.
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