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Wikipedia is a free online collaborative encyclopaedia that everyone trusts and refers to, with more than 17 million multilingual articles and almost 370 million readers, it represents a high authority information source and a very tough competitor for most SEO experts, you know why?
According to Alexa, Wikipedia is ranked number 8 from a traffic perspective, this means that its website gets tons of traffic every day, the reason behind its success and popularity is that it summarizes any concept in an easy to understand way. That’s why most people use it as a robust reference in their blog posts or articles, where they tend to link to it more than any other website. Most internet users prefer this encyclopaedia because they can find almost anything about any subject they’re searching for, but very few hate it, did you guess who?
Most online business owners struggle to beat Wikipedia’s Webpages in the search engine ranking, no matter what subject you’re writing about, it seems like it has an article for every keyword you’ll be optimizing your Webpages for. This makes it the last competitor that you’ll be facing in order for your Webpages to rank in the highest possible position (hopefully the 1st one).
What Google thinks about Wikipedia?
With Wikipedia being at the top when it comes to finding high quality professionally written articles, people naturally trust it and link back to it in their articles, posts or discussions. That’s why it gets a natural ranking which Google loves, and that’s why SEO experts keep telling you to write for people with search engines in mind, not just for search engines. If you provide high quality articles, people will naturally use it as a reference and link back to it.
What does SEO Experts say?
Experts from many SEO Companies have found that Wikipedia is the last obstacle that stands between their clients and the 1st result of a SERP, if you can manage to beat it; then you’ll get more than 40% of the traffic that a particular keyword offers.
Is Wikipedia beatable?            
In order for you to beat this encyclopaedia or any other authority website, you need to have a deep understanding of both the old and latest SEO industry techniques (or you don’t!), there you’ll be facing 3 possible scenarios: the ugly, the bad and the GOOD.
The ugly:
This scenario is the worst nightmare that you’ll be facing if you don’t follow a specific business plan. Many new online business owners start building their businesses without SEO in mind, finally (after several months of wasted time, effort and money), they realize that they’ll never outrank their competitors and end up giving in.
The bad:
This scenario is lesser than the first one. It happens to new online business owners who want to learn all the SEO techniques themselves, but with the search engines constantly updating their algorithms, they end up focusing on filtering what works and what doesn’t from the latest SEO techniques, they then actually forget to focus on their businesses. This trial and error concept will take all their time and money; finally they end up struggling with a large quantity of information that has no importance for their businesses. Even if they succeed, it will take them forever to do it.
The GOOD (or the best)!
If you have a software problem, would you learn programming languages and algorithms (which will take you forever), or just get help from a software programming specialist to fix it for you.
Here at SEOTrafficLab we have a specialized team to help save a lot of time; money and effort while watching your Webpages climbing up the SERPs and by that getting more and more customers that are willing to spend money on your products or services.
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