New York Times Highlight Need to Keep an Eye on Your SEO

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Black hat SEO tactics can be a costly affair and one which should be avoided at all cost.  This is a problem which is suffered by not only small companies but also so of the major companies all over the world.  Google and other search engines take the underhanded Black Hat techniques very seriously and so it is worth making sure that your techniques and methods are all above board.

J.C Penney’s Paid Link Scheme Incurs Penalty

New York Times has drawn attention to the problem of hiring unprofessional fly by night so called SEO specialists who have caused a great deal of embarrassment to one of the largest chains in America.  J.C Penney has been exposed as using a paid link scheme which was organized by a company on their behalf. 
Google found their methods to be unacceptable and as a direct result of this they have issued a large and rather painful penalty to J.C. Penney’s.  In order to help resolve the situation J.C Penney’s has to remove each one of their bad links and once this has been completed they will ask Google to reconsider their actions.

Never Leave your SEO in the Hands of Underhand Companies

This problem was caused by hiring a poor company who were unable to deliver on their promises of running a white hat SEO service for J.C Penney’s.  There are many companies who claim to know the best ways to help your business grow both online and also to encourage traffic to your work premises.  This is why it is essential that you hire genuine SEO experts from a well-established company.
Trusting a company can be made easier when the techniques which will be used are shared and discussed openly.  Warnings have been issued in the press in the UK telling business to avoid working with any SEO companies who refuse to share their techniques with clients.  This can be a clear warning sign that underhanded methods are more than likely being carried out.

J.C Penney Missed the Warning Signs

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