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1 Stop Spas

Building a bespoke,

fully responsive website.

Incorporating configuration technology
building a fully optimised
technical site.

The client had a clear vision for the design & functionality.

The client approached us with a very clear idea of what he wanted having taken note of his competition and taken on board what was best practice within his industry sector. The project was a new website with stronger aesthetics, increased functionality and interaction, and strong SEO foundations.

He owned a successful eCommerce company that he was ready to push to the next level and establish himself as an industry leader. The site had to be visually welcoming & compelling as well as a powerful site. One of the main focuses was to have a fully functional site with added features to ensure it was a one stop shop for everything a visitor needs to buy online with ease and efficiency of a face-to-face experience.


We began our continued partnership with 1 Stop Spas through a series of conversations, they brought a lot of ideas to the table as a result of being fully aware of the changes within the industry and by looking at a series of competitors. Following these consultations we were able to create a schedule and build scope for the design, the UX and the functionality. This process of lengthy discussions with all parties present allowed for us to challenge the ideas for the new site as well as to create what we think is the best Hot Tub website out there.

Web Design

The design team took the specification provided from the initial meetings and created an initial draft, this was then tweaked and developed upon to make sure it was optimised both SEO related and for the technical aspect. The designers were fully aware of the importance of creating a responsive and mobile friendly site following the continual rise of shopping via devices. The whole design and build process was very much a coordinated effort to ensure all parties were in agreement and aware of the updates as they happened. The result is a very slick, SEO optimised, attractive and user friendly site.

Web Development Case Studies


As a well known Hot Tub showroom in Lincolnshire, 1StopSpas wanted to create a bespoke website that offered functionality that was new to the Hot Tub industry offering the best User Experience.

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Bespoke build

incorporating configuration technology

Creating a fully responsive &
optimised technical site.

"SEO Traffic Lab are at the cutting edge of SEO, I found them willing & able to challenge our website development process."

Barrie Holden – MD

Ultra Security Centre

Creating a new eCommerce site that incorporated our SEO knowledge was a big factor for USC, along the way there was continued development which enhanced the finished product.

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