Case Studies

Pomona Fruits

60% increase

in transactions.

An audit quickly indicated specific
areas that could be improved for
Pomona, specifically SEO related.

Pomona Fruits wanted a strongerfooting in the digital arena.

We were able to work together as Pomona are a knowledgeable team around certain digital marketing strands. Allowing us to create a bespoke content calendar complimenting our suggestions for a faultless SEO campaign, with areas of focus and activities to be completed each month.

In the beginning, their first objective was to improve the amount of traffic to their website and simply increase conversions, we find that goal at the heart of the majority of the strategies we deliver. With an already excellent grasp of what their competition are doing and what aspects they would like to emulate and of course surpass. This led to multiple aspects of SEO to be developed overtime, which also created fantastic opportunities through off-page SEO.


The initial audit was carried out on a fairly user-friendly website, the UX of the site was overall positive and provided a few minor areas for improvement. There were two key areas that required focus, primarily the backlink profile but also on-page elements. Links were earned using a consistent monthly outreach process, ensuring quality articles were placed on high domain authority sites that have been manually selected and approached. This went further and now have built relationships with key publishing houses for regular articles.

Continual Content Marketing

A series of PDFs were also developed to enhance user experience in the long term and increase the number of links off-site in the short term. A consistent content marketing calendar was followed to gradually increase organic traffic, transform on-page SEO and keep tweaking the strategy during the reporting process. The content on the site gets regularly updated in tune with seasonal trends of the fruit world and the site boasts a very colourful and aesthetically pleasing experience.

SEO Case Studies

Pomona Fruits

As a passionate & ambitious eCommerce store, the number one objective was to increase the amount of traffic to the site, specifically to key product lines. Through regularly creating relevant seasonal content, specifically a series of pdf’s.

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60% increase

in transactions.

After focusing on building a strong
backlink profile & updating on-page SEO.

Increase organic search by


This was done by fully optimising product
pages & creating fresh copy.

Mrs Bow Tie

Having a unique product meant that Mrs Bow Tie have lots of loyal customers, they wanted to expand & grow this brand awareness. We recommended an SEO campaign & continue to build on an already popular reputation.

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